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Campus Life at PWSCC

Dear Student,

We at PWSCC believe that the educational process takes place in all phases of campus life, and important parts of this process occur both inside and outside of the classroom. In recognition of this, the college places the strongest priority on fostering an atmosphere of academic freedom in which students, staff, and faculty all share the responsibility of upholding the highest of ethical standards in their pursuit of knowledge and vocational training. All relationships on campus ideally serve as partnerships in which both parties strive to be open-minded even in the light of differences and in which mutual respect and honesty prevail at all times. I hope you find this to be so at Prince William Sound Community College.

Students who choose to become more involved in college affairs and the experiential learning process tend to persist longer in their postsecondary studies, to perform better academically, and to feel more connected to the college community. Opportunities for leadership, internships, and participation in activities abound at PWSCC and will greatly advance students’ personal growth and development during their college years. I encourage you to attend the vast number of social, recreational, cultural, and educational events that take place within and beyond the college community.

If the function of higher education is to enable us to become the most that we can be, then there is no such thing as the minimum acceptable standard. I challenge you to help us in our quest for excellence and to make the most of your college experience. While staff, faculty, student organizations, and other resources exist to engage each student inside and outside the classroom, it is you, as a concerned and invested member of this community, who can provide meaning to student life, engaged learning, and civic responsibility at this college.

The members of the Student Services team, and those of the entire PWSCC faculty and staff, join me in offering our assistance to you; we want to see you succeed. Please feel free to call upon us.

We truly believe that at Prince William Sound Community College . . .

You will find inspiration to explore new ways of thinking and to seek out every opportunity for yourself as you pursue your higher education.

You will find personal growth in your self-awareness, in how you embrace diverse perspectives, and in the way you incorporate your values and passions into a sense of personal and civic responsibility.

You will find learning to be not only a process of advancing your skills and knowledge for your career, but also a path to becoming an active and productive member of your community and chosen profession.

And, it is our belief that you will accomplish all of this naturally as you willingly engage in your studies and in campus life.